Autism ~ a booksellers guide (podcasts, social media and websites)

‘My hope is that autistic people are able to get the support and love they need in a world that may not always understand who they are. I want to encourage anyone out there who is wanting to learn more to seek help and also listen to other autistic people.‘ ~ Morgan Harper Nichols PodcastsContinue reading “Autism ~ a booksellers guide (podcasts, social media and websites)”

Autism ~ a booksellers guide (tv & film)

~ ‘You can’t judge a person by their looks. But once you know the other person’s inner self, both of you can be that much closer. From your point of view, the world of autism must look like a deeply mysterious place. So please, spare a little time to listen to what I have toContinue reading “Autism ~ a booksellers guide (tv & film)”

Autism ~ a booksellers guide (adults)

‘It has taken me several years of exploration, but I am at a place now where I see autism as neither an affliction nor a superpower. It’s just the blueprint for who I am. There is no cure, but that’s absolutely fine by me. To cure me of my autism would be to cure meContinue reading “Autism ~ a booksellers guide (adults)”