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The renowned author Mark Twain famously wrote that ‘truth is stranger than fiction...’ which can make the experience of reading non-fiction books even more incredible when you remember that the topic that you’re reading about is an actual pigment of real life.

When reading non-fiction books I generally go for pop-science, a little bit of mindfulness, nature writing and the odd history book here and there. On this page you’ll find book reviews, recommendations and top picks for the wonderful world of non-fiction.

My Top 5 Books to Introduce Yourself to Pop-Science

Pop-Science as mentioned above is normally my go-to genre when I read non-fiction, and in this article I discuss my top 5 books that are great for both the novice and the enthusiast scientist.

– Brief Answers to the Big Questions – It’s Not Rocket Science – A Small Illustrated Guide to the Universe – Astrophysics for People in a Hurry – How to Build a Universe –

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