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Being a Children’s Bookseller isn’t just something I do for a living, but it’s something that I love. Ever since I was a child myself, I’ve wanted to have my own bookshop*, so being able to go to work each day and help children and parents choose the perfect book or gift is something that I feel very privileged to do!

And if you’re an adult reading this, don’t be afraid of picking any of these books featured up yourself. I often talk to adult customer at work who sheepishly admit that they actually love (and sometimes prefer) children’s books to adult ones but don’t always like to admit it, and every time someone says that I say the same thing – that children’s books are amazing and that no one is ever too grown up to read them. They are full of pure imagination, at times adventure & mystery and can explore different themes with the unique outlook of a child’s view of life – which if I’m honest, I think the world could have a little bit more of. So sit back, relax and have a paroose at my children’s page, you never know you may just find a kindred book.

*(Think The Shop around the Corner from You’ve Got Mail just instead of being in a busy city, it’s situated in countryside – oh the dream…)

Top 10 Autumnal Children’s Books

One thing you can’t beat is autumnal days where leaves of crimson, gold and brown are scattered underfoot and lighting the skyline with their colours, you’ve got a fire roaring, your favourite snuggly jumper on, warm socks, a cup of tea and if your lucky, your four-pawed pal by your side, all the while being lost in a good book – there’s really nothing else like it! Here are my Top 10 Autumnal Children’s Books that I hope will help you enjoy the best of the season!

– Carrie’s War – Anne of Green Gables – The Spiderwick Chronicles – Wonder – Pages & Co – The Marvels – Cogheart – Our Castle by the Sea – The Light Jar –

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As soon as I saw you I knew a grand adventure was about to happen.

– Winnie the Pooh by A.A Milne
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