Autism ~ a booksellers guide (podcasts, social media and websites)

‘My hope is that autistic people are able to get the support and love they need in a world that may not always understand who they are. I want to encourage anyone out there who is wanting to learn more to seek help and also listen to other autistic people.‘ ~ Morgan Harper Nichols


The Morgan Harper Nichols show: Autistic artist, poet and musician Morgan Harper Nichols brings a podcast full of mindful reflection, wisdom, imagination and care. Her podcasts bring a sense of calm and wonderment into the day and gives you a moment to pause. Beautifully crafted, her podcasts make you look at the world a little differently and lifts your spirits.

Mr A+: Michael Theo who stared in the Australian series of Love on the Spectrum has created a wonderfully uplifting and entertaining podcast where he talks to different guests each week about all areas of life. Upbeat and fun, you can’t leave listening to his podcasts without your day having been brightened up.

Aut-Hour with Sara Gibbs: Comedy writer Sara Gibbs (author of Drama Queen: One Autistic Woman & a Life of Unhelpful Labels) presents an hour long podcast where she chats to other autistic authors from all walks of life. Interesting, funny and diverse, Aut-Hour is a friendly podcast that gives great insight into many different experiences of autism.

The Late Diagnosed Club podcast: Psychotherapist Catherine Asta was diagnosed with ASD and ADHD at the age of 42. In her podcast she aims to give a voice to autistic women and non-binary people by interviewing fellow neurodivergent folk, talking about all things autism in hope that it will give the next generation of autistic women and gender-diverse people a better world to live in.

Uniquely Human podcast: Hosted by Dr Barry Prizant and Dave Finch, the two cover countless aspects of autism by delving into topics and talking to those within the community as well as those who work with autistic individuals or within autism research. Barry Prizant has been working with the autism community for 50 years and has written a book with the same title as the podcast (which you can find out more about by clicking here). Dave Finch who is autistic and works with autistic individuals has also written a memoir The Journal of Best Practices: A Memoir of Marriage, Asperger Syndrome, and One Man’s Quest to Be a Better Husband. A very insightful and accessible podcast, Uniquely Human is a great place to learn more about autism and be part of a community.

Adulting on the Spectrum: I’ve only just discovered this podcast but it sounds like a really interesting one. Featuring different people on the episodes, all with their own unique experiences and background, the show looks into what it’s like to be an adult on the spectrum.

Some other podcasts that I’ve not listened to yet but have heard are good:

Stories About Autism Autism by Autistics – The Autism & ADHD Diaries – Autism and Us – – The Autism Podcast – All Autism Talk – My Friend Autism with Orion Kelly – The Aspie World – – The Neurodiversity Podcast with Emily Kircher-Morris



National Autistic SocietyYo Samdy SamMom on the SpectrumThe Thought Spot – – DSA Threads CostumingPeter Wharmby illymationI’m Autistic, Now What? – – LiL Penguin Studios Unfiltered Autistic Chloe HaydenTea Time with Teo Bri Booth – – Autism from the Inside The Aspie WorldTasselFairyFathering AutismDr Sarai Pahla – – All Neurotypes OfficeAmythest SchaberStephanie BethanyAutism Awareness Australia – – Global Autism ProjectConnor WardKip ChowTyla GrantMy ASD JourneyAlex Carson – –Black Autistic KaylaNeurodivergent Rebel Lauren Brazee – – Jennifer MsumbaFinding Cooper’s VoiceMorgan Harper Nichols


Social Media (Instagram)

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National Autistic Society –

Autism Threads –

Jodi Rodgers –

Aspens –

Anna Kennedy Online –

Spectrum News –

Loop Earplugs –


Thank you for taking the time to read my post about autistic podcasters, YouTubers, social media accounts and websites – I hope you enjoyed discovering some awesome neurodivergent beings.

If you’d like to find out more about books, movies and tv shows please click here. Thank you again, and as ever, happy reading 🙂

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