Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier

I grew up in a household where there was always my mums copy of Rebecca residing on her bookshelf or seen dotted about the house on one of my her many re-reads, however I never thought of picking it up, with the prospect of the story surrounding a young wife’s experience of marring a widowerContinue reading “Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier”

Books to Celebrate Black History Month

I’m aware that as a white person I have never experienced racism or under-representation and I can’t imagine how effecting it is to have to deal with on a daily basis. Working in the bookshop I’ve seen customers of all ages, but predominantly parents and children who have wished to read stories about people thatContinue reading “Books to Celebrate Black History Month”

My Top 5 Books to Introduce Yourself to the Wonders of Pop-Science

Over the last few years I’ve rekindled my love for science, and although I hate to admit that I don’t understand all of the theories or science that I read (and I’m by no means well read in the subjects), I do love learning about them all. I find it fills me with wonder, ignitesContinue reading “My Top 5 Books to Introduce Yourself to the Wonders of Pop-Science”

Random Doodles

I’m not always very good with coming up with ideas so quite a few of these are illustrations are ones I’ve seen from some amazing artists via Instagram and Pinterest. My copying reimaginings of their original artwork doesn’t do justice to their skills and artistry. I did most of these quite a long time agoContinue reading “Random Doodles”

Bookish Doodles

Harry Potter It’s no secret that I’m a Harry Potter geek. Proud Hufflepuff and holder of the salmon patronus (yup that’s right – a salmon…) Harry Potter has always played such a big part of my life whether during my childhood or as an adult. A year or so after starting working at the bookshopContinue reading “Bookish Doodles”

A thank you to the NHS

Recently work has been extremely busy like it has been for many, and it’s easy to get whipped up in the daily goings ons and stresses we all have at work, but if you’re fortunate, something or someone can snap you out of your tunnel vision and remind you to come back down to Earth.Continue reading “A thank you to the NHS”

Autumnal Children’s Books

So, my favourite season is upon us bringing with it crimson & golden coloured leafs, acorn covered ground, big jumpers, hot drinks, chilly mornings and the excuse to play the ultimate game of conkers (no ones too old for conkers right?) With pumpkins and fireworks just around the corner, there’s nothing better to do thanContinue reading “Autumnal Children’s Books”