Bookish Doodles

Harry Potter

It’s no secret that I’m a Harry Potter geek. Proud Hufflepuff and holder of the salmon patronus (yup that’s right – a salmon…) Harry Potter has always played such a big part of my life whether during my childhood or as an adult. A year or so after starting working at the bookshop I was lucky enough to organise the event for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child launch day where we held a day of quizzes, activities and even managed to have 2 beautiful owls in store – you could say I was just a tad excited! I ended up making goodie bags for the children’s competitions and some of the above were the notebooks that I decorated as part of their prizes. Since then we’ve held many a Harry Potter event at work which much to us booksellers enjoyment always involves lots of robe wafting, wand making, crafts, quiz making and decorations. To see some of the props made for these events, have a look on my Bookshop Events page.

Book quotes

Although they are nothing grand in the slightest, doing these bookish silhouette & quote drawings allows me to combine by love of reading and handwriting. These are a few years old now and not looking their best but I’m hoping to do some more soon now I have a light box which will help a lot with staying on track with the lines!

Other bookie drawings

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