Photography, Doodles & Bookish Art

(This page is still under construction, so apologies for it’s messiness!)

I’m by no means a good artist but I do like to doodle, draw and I’m most happiest behind my camera. Here’s a little hodgepodge of bits and pieces I’ve made or taken of people, places and wildlife and books that I love. I hope you enjoy.

Bookish Doodles

A few doodles and drawings from years spent reading.

To Kill a Mockingbird inspired doodling.
Random Doodles

A gaggle of random doodles.

Pen drawing done whilst watching The Theory of Everything.
Bookshop Art

I’m very fortunate to be able to include some creativity in my daily work at the bookshop, and so here are some of the things I’ve made for author meetings, events or displays about books we love at the bookshop.

A photo from one of the visits with the lovely Lisa Thompson.

Photographs for me are little bits of magical time travel. I’m forever itching to take photographs and am notorious for continually having a camera in my hand. Here you’ll find some of my favourite snaps taken.

Statue of Proserpina and Pluto at Cliveden House.

I’m known to get into a few tangled muddles with my crafts but I do like doing them nonetheless. Here are a few photos of my (very limited) crafting.

The beginnings of fingerless gloves.

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