Bookish Doodles

Harry Potter It’s no secret that I’m a Harry Potter geek. Proud Hufflepuff and holder of the salmon patronus (yup that’s right – a salmon…) Harry Potter has always played such a big part of my life whether during my childhood or as an adult. A year or so after starting working at the bookshopContinue reading “Bookish Doodles”

A thank you to the NHS

Recently work has been extremely busy like it has been for many, and it’s easy to get whipped up in the daily goings ons and stresses we all have at work, but if you’re fortunate, something or someone can snap you out of your tunnel vision and remind you to come back down to Earth.Continue reading “A thank you to the NHS”

Autumnal Children’s Books

So, my favourite season is upon us bringing with it crimson & golden coloured leafs, acorn covered ground, big jumpers, hot drinks, chilly mornings and the excuse to play the ultimate game of conkers (no ones too old for conkers right?) With pumpkins and fireworks just around the corner, there’s nothing better to do thanContinue reading “Autumnal Children’s Books”